Prompt 1:

I want you to come up with some quotes that fit a specific style I’m going to teach you.

The quotes need to be made of two parts. The first part where I want to make people intrigued to know the second part.

Here are two examples:

Example one:

First part:
If you really love someone…

Second part:
you have to let it go.

Example two:

First part:
When you’re in love…

Second Part:
You just know, no matter what anyone else says.

If you understand, say yes.

Prompt 2:

Okay. I want the quotes to be about love, heartbreaks and friendship. The target audience are people in their twenties. Could you give me one example for the theme “love” , the theme “heartbreak” and the theme “ friendship”?

Prompt 3:

Very good.

Prompt 4:

Now I would like to have the quotes mentioned to be about a girl or a boy. For example: First part: When a boy truly loves a girl… Second part: (fill in the second part)

Prompt 5:

I now want you to categories them in excel style as following: Theme (you can choose between girl facts, boy facts and friend facts) First part (here you place the first part of the quote) Second part (here you place the second part of the quote)

Prompt 6:

Now give me two more quotes about heartbreak in relation to a Girl Fact, Boy Fact or Friend Fact in the same style. Please use Excel-style format.

Prompt 7:

Okay, only use Girl Facts, Boy Facts and Friend Facts. So don’t use heartbreak or anything else.

Prompt 8:

Please give me 30 more different quotes in the same way.Please use Excel-style format.